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Planetaariset rajat huomioitava EU:n bio­ta­lous­po­li­tii­kas­sa

The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC) thanks for the opportunity to give feedback about the European Bioeconomy Policy. FANC emphasizes the importance of stopping the biodiversity loss and increasing the natural carbons sinks and maintaining carbon storages and the central role the bioeconomy sector holds.

In the current situation facing the climate and biodiversity crisis it is crucial that the planetary boundaries are recognised and respected. We need healthy well functioning ecosystems and natural carbon sinks and storages in order to survive. Bioeconomy has a key role in the issue. Root causes driving the collapse of biodiversity and other environmental issues must be addressed. The Bioeconomy Policy could give valuable information on how the European bioeconomy sector is contributing to the biodiversity loss and climate change and what could be done.

Biomasses are often considered as a way to replace the use of fossils. However it is vital to make sure that the use of biomasses is sustainable. Biomasses are a limited resource we need to use wisely. The sustainable use and distribution of the limited resource needs to be considered closely. Everything cannot be replaced by biomasses. This means that the consumption patterns also need to be on a sustainable level. We need information and right kind of drivers to make sure that the biomasses used are produced, harvested and used sustainably and wisely within the planetary boundaries.



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