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Minkin jättäminen pois EU:n vieraslajiasetuksesta turkistarhauksen takia on häpeä. TVe/SLL

Komissio on esittänyt 18 uutta lajia EU:n vieraslajiasetukseen. On hyvä, että ne torjutaan ennen kuin ne leviävät meille. Sitä vastoin on käsittämätöntä, että Suomessakin kansallisesti erittäin haitalliseksi säädetty minkki jätettiin asetuksesta pois Suomenkin turkistarhauksen takia.


Updated list of invasive alien species

Suomen luonnonsuojeluliitto (The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation) supports proposed new Invasive Alien Species (IAS) to the EU regulation. IAS is one good example about EU added value in international co-operation. The best way to stop IAS is to stop it before it comes to your country. Finland is the northernmost EU Member State, and we are largely dependent on how IAS prevention goes in other MSs.

However, we can’t understand and accept why American Mink is not included in the list. This exclusion is against scientific assessment. For example, in our Finnish IAS national strategy American Mink is included in the top 7 especially harmful IAS (Kansallinen vieraslajistrategia, 2012). Our national parliament adopted in 19.3.2019 changes to the national Hunting Act and IAS Act, which allows extraordinary hard measures against this species in Finland (the implementation decrees of these changes of laws are coming later this year).

We know, that the exclusion of American Mink is based on the interests of fur farming industry in e.g. Finland. However, fur farms could have similar derogations as Finland is using with Raccoon Dog, if needed. That is why this exclusion is not even necessary for the industry.

There has been discussion whether Member States could use lighter measures than EU regulation with American Mink, like regional co-operation. Of course Member States can make bilateral and multinational co-operation without EU. However, this can’t replace legal basis of the EU IAS regulation.

To sum up, we support the new species to the Regulation but want also American Mink to it as soon as possible.

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Erityisasiantuntija Tapani Veistola

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