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The Boreal Eco-Forestry Online Conference

The Boreal Eco-Forestry Online Conference
5 – 6 April 2022

– Close-to-nature ecosystem-based forest management in Northern Europe’s forests.

A conference about the visions, complexity, multiple challenges, solutions and opportunities for future sustainable forest management in boreal Europe.

Knowledge of the ecological dynamics and biodiversity of our northern forests, as well as the relation of the boreal forests to the climate, has increased greatly in recent decades. However, management and forestry models have not kept up with today’s environmental goals, challenges and level of knowledge. There is a great need for restoration and climate adaptation in the Nordic forests. During this conference, we will, together with researchers and foresters, review the state of knowledge in a wide range of fields concerning the management of the boreal forest and the various individual parts that must be in place for an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable management. We will present different close-to-nature and ecosystem-based management models and talk about how these models address the environmental challenges and our societal needs, and what possible challenges the models in themselves have.

Among others, the following researchers and forestry experts will give lectures:
Göran Englund, Umeå university, Anders Lindroth, Lund university, Timo Kuuluvainen, University of Helsinki, Yuriy Pautov, Silver Taiga Foundation, Timo Pukkala, University of Eastern Finland, Knut Sturm, Stadtwald Lübeck & Anne Tolvanen, Natural Resources Institute Finland.

The conference is organised by the Lapland district of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, in cooperation with Protect the Forest, Sweden. The conference is a part of the Kolarctic CBC project “Adapting management of Barents forests to future climate and economy conditions”, funded by the EU, Finland and Russia.

The full program:

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