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The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC) is the largest non-governmental organization for environmental protection and nature conservation in Finland. It has been a frontrunner in Finland’s environmental affairs since 1938. The purpose of FANC is to protect the Finnish natural environment, promote nature conservation, preserve cultural heritage and spark up active citizenship and strong environmental awareness.

In order to realize our purpose we

  • act as a link between different environmental organizations
  • practice publishing, training, environmental education and other educational activities and research
  • put forward motions and initiatives and issue statements on affairs associated with our field
  • act in other similar ways to keep the Finnish nature viable, productive, beautiful, diverse and valuable
  • promote nature protection and sustainable development in the regions affected by Finland as an industrialised country, and
  • participate in the international co-operation in our field.

We above all value knowledge, and all communication made by The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation is carefully rationalized with high-value researched information. Independence from party politics and interest groups ensures that nature is always our number one priority. We are boldly taking initiatives and trailblazing in the prevention of environmental problems and resolving them together with conviction and strong determination.

Most of the work in the local associations and district organizations is voluntary in nature. The association of Jyväskylä was founded in 1978 and is run solely by volunteers. It’s a member of the district organization of Central Finland and has about 800 members. We welcome all who want to protect our precious nature and planet – let’s do it together!

Do you wish to become a volunteer in our association? Send us e-mail to and tell us a little about yourself and what types of things you would like to do. Let’s figure out the right volunteering opportunities for you together!

Learn more about FANC and donating options: The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation – Suomen luonnonsuojeluliitto (