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100 Finnish Pearls of Nature

To celebrate 100 years of independence in 2017, the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation encouraged citizens to identify, experience, and conserve 100 nationally significant nature sites which we wish to preserve for future generations.


Kuva: Sanna-Mari Kunttu

100 Finnish Pearls of Nature is a project launched by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation in celebration of Finland's 100 years of independence in 2017. The project encourages citizens to identify, experience, and conserve 100 nature sites of national significance.

The project aims to:

  1. Identify 100 nationally significant but threatened nature sites which we wish to preserve for future generations.
  2. Bring awareness of valuable national landscapes and threatened nature to a wider audience using art and environmental education.
  3. Encourage citizens, land owners, and stakeholders to work towards the conservation of these sites and the safeguarding of our natural diversity.


The 100 nature sites were chosen from suggestions by citizens from all over Finland. Below you can read more about 40 of them.

AlkkiaEvoGranholmenHiitolanjokiHyyppärä – IijokiIittoIlveskallioJulkunevaJurmoKaitasuoKaldoaiviKarvasuoKeminsaaretKielua-järviKilpisjärviKoutaKälväsKätkäLehmisuoLestijärviLuonteriMujejärviMulkovuoriMurronjokiNeitvuoriNokianvirtaOlvassuoPaljakkaPennalanlahtiPeurakairaPirttisuo – PurunpääPuruvesiPärnävaaraRautalampiRomppaatRuissaloSanginjokiSipoonlahtiSiuroSoinimäkiTalasTulliniemiTömppäUntamalaUsmiVaakkoiVehoniemiVihtapuroViiankiaapaÄrjä


Alkkia is an impressive landscape of fragmented rock, ridges, peatland forests, ponds, and lakes with virtually uninhabited shores.

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Evo is a national campsite in southern Tavastia with extensive pine forests and small lakes.

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Granholmen ('spruce island' in Swedish) is a popular name for islands in Southern and Southwest Finland.

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Hiitolanjoki is a diverse excursion site in Southern Karelia with the most important spawning river for Lake Ladoga's wild freshwater trout.

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Hyyppärä is a beautiful ridge area with lakes, springs, and rich flora in Southwest Finland.

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Iijoki is Finland’s 6th largest river system with many breeding grounds for migrating fish, making it an excellent recreational fishing area. (Photo Hanna Aho)

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Iitto is a palsa mire in northern Lapland with landscapes characterised by high peat mounds containing permafrost.

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Ilveskallio is a large area with old spruce forests, plenty of dead wood, and endangered forest species in Uusimaa, southern Finland. (The state-owned forest is being threathened by logging for scientific purposes.)

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Julkuneva is a swamp in its natural state with pockets of forest and small water systems.

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Jurmo is an elongated, rocky island in Southwest Finland with exceptionally rich flora and fauna.

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Kaitasuo is a mire rich in bird life and almost entirely in its natural state in Pirkanmaa. It is being threatened by peat mining.

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Kaldoaivi is one of Lapland’s largest wilderness areas with tundra-like highlands, tributaries of River Teno, and Finland’s northernmost natural pine forest.

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Karvasuo is an extensive marshland in its natural state providing birdwatching and other recreational options near the city.

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Keminsaaret are delta islands with endangered water meadows on Finland's longest river, the Kemi river, in Lapland. They are being threatened by Rovaniemi's flood protection plans involving the actual construction of the Vuotos reservoir.

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Kielua-järvi is an interestingly shaped rugged and uninhabited lake with excellent landscapes and recreational value.

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Kilpisjärvi is a popular hiking destination in the Arm of Finland with majestic fells and lake ice that remains until midsummer.

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Kouta is a Sami word meaning trout, which lives in the clear waters of Kitka-Kouta in Northern Finland.

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Kälväs is an area with ridges, terminal moraine, and beautiful springs, the waters of which give rise to diverse flora in surrounding swamps.

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Kätkä is a fell on the west bank of lake Immeljärvi in Lapland, with breathtaking views from its summit.

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Lehmisuo is open fen, where you can admire colours of rare orchids in midsummer. In early spring Lehmisuo is a great place to see and listen hundreds of birds starting their nesting in this birdwatching high light wetland. If you are lucky, you can see willow grouses in one of their southernmost locations in Finland.

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This clear-watered lake is Central Ostrobothnia’s undisputed premier recreational and travel destination.

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Luonteri is one of the nesting areas of the Saimaa ringed seal. From Neitvuori hill you can enjoy one of the most spectacular views of the Finnish lake area. Intact old coniferous forests and lush deciduous woods are home to many rare species like the white backed woodpecker.

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Kuva: Timo Kovanen







Mujejärvi is a wilderness area with diverse nature and great historical and recreational value.

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Forested cliffs, mires, and virgin forest in Pirkanmaa, southwestern Finland, once nominated for national park status.

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Kuva: Markus Sirkka

Murronjoki is a river in Central Finland with great local significance and many rapids in its stream.

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Neitvuori 2013. Kuva: Ilpo Aalto

Neitvuori is a rocky island rising 110 metres above the water in Saimaa. It is also Southern Savonia's highest vantage point. The beauty of the landscape is being threatened by the logging of riparian forests.

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Nokianvirta is a formation of volcanic rocks in Pirkanmaa with lush groves and woods on its slopes.

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Olvassuo is a Northern Ostrobothnian swampland of significant importance to both nesting birds and reindeer herding.

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Kuva: Pauliina Leikas

Paljakka is a recreationally and culturally significant area with old-growth forests and forested hills.

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Pennalanlahti is a shallow, marshy inlet with water meadows, fields, and diverse birdlife.

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Peurakaira is a pristine wilderness area in Lapland with old pine forests and important winter grazing grounds for reindeer.

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Kuva: Veli Saari

Pirttisuo is a wilderness-like string bog in its natural state in Central Finland. It is being threatened by peat mining.

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Kuva: Sanna-Mari Kunttu

Purunpää is a rugged cape with uninhabited seashores, old forests, and a breathtaking view of Southwest Finland from the top of its cliffs.

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Puruvesi. Kuva: Iita Maria

Puruvesi is a lake in Eastern Finland with clear water and forested islands. It is also the nesting grounds of the Saimaa ringed seal.

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Pärnävaara is a forested hill and recreational area in Northern Karelia, with meadows boasting a rich variety of flora.

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Rautalampi's waterways in Northern Savonia include fast-flowing rapids and streams, and they are a favourite among nature lovers and fly-fishers.

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Romppaat is a limestone-rich area in Lapland housing many endangered species in its string bogs, small water systems, and old-growth forests.

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Kuva: Hannu Klemola

Ruissalo is an island and oasis of nature for locals, rich in both cultural history and rare and endangered species.

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Kuva: Kalle Hellström

Sanginjoki is a wilderness-like forested area of recreational significance near Oulu in Northern Ostrobothnia.

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Kuva: Lauri Kajander

Sipoonlahti is a fjord-like gulf with uninhabited seashores, hardwood groves, and the estuary of a sea trout river in Uusimaa, southern Finland. It is being threatened by plans to construct houses on the shore.

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Kuva: Kaija Helle

The old forests of Siuro in Pirkanmaa house lush woodlands and rugged forested cliffs.

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Kuva: Jari Kiljunen

Soininmäki is a region of old forest in Southern Karelia with Finland’s southernmost Siberian jay population.

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Talas is a peatland forest area with a diverse range of swamps mostly in their natural state. (Photo Jukka Eskelinen)

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Finland’s southernmost point, diverse in nature and an important resting area for migratory birds.

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Tömppä consists of unique coastal meadows and shallows with many rare plant species and exceptionally rich birdlife.

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Untamala is one of Finland’s oldest cultural landscapes housing a wealth of rare plants and ancient relics.

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Usmi is a recreational area with steep cliffs, deep ravines, and a large ancient volcano crater.

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Vaakkoi is an excellent outdoor destination dotted with lakes and cliffs in the forested wilderness of Nuuksio in Uusimaa, southern Finland.

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Vehoniemi is a ridge with lofty trees rising between lakes in a landscape lauded by Zacharius Topelius in "A Summer Day in Kangasala", the provincial song of Pirkanmaa. (photo: Jorma Mäntylä)

The nature and landscape of the ridge must be protected from the town's artificial groundwater project.

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Vihtapuro is a small, swampy woodland in Central Finland housing provincially rare and endangered species.

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Viiankiaapa is a large and unique string bog with lush vegetation and a rich variety of species in Lapland.

Despite strict conservation, the area is under threat of destruction by mining company Anglo American.

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Kuva: Raimo Rajamäki







Ärjä is an island with sand bank shorelines and pine forests in Oulu lake, Kainuu.

The peace of its recreational forests has been disturbed by forest product company UPM-Kymmenen's logging.

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