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The book ”First Steps into Finland’s Nature” was published by The Kuopio Naturalists’ Society (KLYY) on June 5, 2018. The author of the book, Pekka Tenhunen is a long-time nature lover from Kuopio.
The book is intended as a guide, not only to Finnish natural history but also introduces the Finnish language, and culture to those interested in or visiting the country. It has also been written particularly to meet the needs of foreigners, or migrants settling into life in Finland.

Pekka Tenhunen ja Tsega Kiflie - Ensi askeleet Suomen luontoon -kirjan julkistamistilaisuus
The book by Pekka Tenhunen ”First Steps into Finland’s Nature” was launched on World Environment Day on June 5, 2018 at the Multicultural Center Kompassi in Kuopio represented here on the left by Tsega Kiflie.

First Steps into Finland’s Nature is a handy A5-size, 190-page information package with more than a thousand pictures and maps and texts, with annotations and captions in English as well as Finnish. In addition, there are small vocabularies in eight other languages, including Chinese and Arabic. The abundance of high-quality images by numerous nature photographers entices you to browse the book and at the same time read the texts, which is written in simple, clear and concise Finnish. There are plenty of word explanations to assist in reading. In this way, the book provides ideal supplementary material for learning the Finnish language. The book helps visitors and migrants alike to learn to appreciate that the roots of Finnish culture lie deep in the natural environment and how this still shapes the character and thinking of Finnish people today. The annual cycle of the seasons is particularly evident in Finland and the book enables readers to observe the changes in their surroundings through the year. Despite being highly readable, the work is scientifically accurate and provides Finnish words for our most common animal and plant species as well as natural phenomena, from outer space to the history of the biosphere. Watch the video introducing the book at

The book is priced at 20 euros and you can buy it either directly from the craft shop in the indoor market in Kuopio – the Kauppahalli – or order from the following address:

More information: Pekka Tenhunen, tel. 044 289 2220


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