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Who are we?
The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation’s Tampere branch is a nature and environmental conservation association active in the Tampere region. We organise outings, community efforts and other public events relating to local conservation.

The general aims of our association are:
– to conserve natural biodiversity
– to provide environmental expertise in land use planning and urban design
– to promote sustainable lifestyles
– to emphasise the importance of fostering natural environments in and around Tampere.

What can you do?
With us, you can help shape the future of Tampere and the conservation of its local flora and fauna. You can help organise hikes and other events, build nesting boxes for birds or contribute photography, writing or other material to our newsletter.

We are always in need of volunteer involvement. You can participate by attending events or contacting our board (sll.tampere [at] Our online calendar has information about all upcoming events.

Meetings are typically held in Finnish, but English is welcomed at outings and community efforts. Membership is not required for participation at any of our events and, as a rule, our activities are free of charge to all.

Come and join us!