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Euroopassa on yleistynyt uusi näkökulma luonnonsuojeluun. Pelkän olemassa olevien ekosysteemien suojelun sijaan luonnon villiinnyttämisessä (rewilding) pyritään aktiivisesti luomaan uusia alueita luonnon palautumiselle ja palauttamaan lajeja vanhoihin elinympäristöihin. Mitä luonnon villiinnyttäminen tarkalleen ottaen tarkoittaa? Ja miten villiinnyttämiseen voi osallistua? Tule kuulemaan Antoine Schrererin esitelmää luonnon villiinnyttämisestä ja osallistumaan keskusteluun. Tilaisuus on englanniksi.

Huom. Paikka on vaihtunut yliopiston Natura-rakennuksen N101-saliin.

Rewilding is an innovative approach to conservation focusing on retrieving functional ecosystem services to allow nature to take care of itself. Rewilding is multidisciplinary by essence and considers the restoration and conservation of nature in a holistic way. It aims at addressing environmental issues in all their complexity and providing tools to generate long-term success.
Rewilding practitioners are dedicated to reconnecting modern society with a wilder environment, while developing local nature-based economies.  In Finland, rewilding actions can take many forms, from the restoration of cutaway peatlands, the creation of buffer wetlands between economic forests and water bodies, or securing threatened natural boreal forest. Rewilding projects can be led by communities and can often use scientific and traditional knowledges in complementarity.

Antoine Scherer is a French ecologist based in Joensuu. A trained naturalist, he has been working for several years on the field with Lumimuutos Osuuskunta, involved in rewilding actions of the Landscape Rewilding Programme ( He is now focusing on his doctoral work, developing a rewilding model for the Finnish Boreal by identifying best practices and the specificities of nature restoration, conservation and management in Finland.

Antoine is also volunteering as a national coordinator for the European Young Rewilders (EYR), a European network dedicated to empowering the European youth to become major actors of the rewilding movement( The EYR is a hub for young europeans to connect, communicate and exchange, aiming to provide them with the tools to take action in and advocate for rewilding.

Rewilding is currently booming all over Europe and its practitioners claim that this approach can provide solutions to the ongoing environnemental crises while reconnecting modern societies with a wilder nature.

In this presentation, Antoine will give an overview of what rewilding in Finland is – and what it is not – and will introduce the European Young Rewilders and invite young enthusiasts to connect to their European fellows. There will also be a space for discussion and debate! Coffee, tea and sweet snacks provided.

The event is organised by the regional chapter of The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation in cooperation with the European Young Rewilders.
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The place has changed to University’s Natura builings lecture hall N101.
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